Permanent LIT members include the following individuals, and others may be called in to assist as appropriate (e.g., the University's General Counsel or Director of Human Resources):

Julie Mavity Maddalena, University Chaplain
920-565-1000 ext. 2114

Emily Krug, Student Success and Engagement Coach/Chief Conduct Coordinator
920-565-1043 ext. 2509

Pam Engebretson, Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of Academic Advising
920-565-1000 ext. 2312

Alex Liosatos, Director of Health and Counseling Services
920-565-1034 ext. 2388

Leslie Laster, Dean For Students/Director of Equity, Engagement and Belonging
920-565-1043 ext. 2507

Chris Ringel, Director of Safety and Security
920-565-1000 ext. 2501
Security Cell Phone (24/7) - 920-565-1126

Mark Edmond, Director of Residence Life
920-565-1000 ext. 2472

Julia Rodemeier, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
920-565-1021 ext. 2113