Step 1
      ◊  You must first set up your contact information by following these directions if you have not already
      ◊  Enter your full Lakeland email address in the User ID field
      ◊  Type the letters that appear below (to prove you are not a bot)
Step 2
      ◊  Select between getting verification by telephone call, text message, or an email.
Step 3
        Microsoft will then send you a verification code.
      ◊  Enter that PIN code in the field.
Step 4
      ◊  Enter and confirm your new password
               Trouble creating your new password?
                      All passwords need to be "complex". That means you will need to make it at least 8 characters long, use 3 of the 4 character
                      types (upper case{ABC}, lower case {abc}, numbers {123}, or symbols {!@#}). If you type an invalid character, it will alert
                      you. You will also NOT be able to re-use any of your last 4 passwords. 
Step 5
      Your password has now been reset.
      ◊  Click on the link at the bottom to log in using your new password.
       **  You will also use this new password to sign on to on-campus computers.  **