Badminton Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for every student to enjoy their college life and release their stress by playing badminton and building friendships with each other. Also, we are promoting badminton to people that are not familiar with it and try to make this sport become popular.

Advisor: Cristi Chang

President: Ben Vue


Chess Club

Advisor: James Kellner


Dance/ Cheer Team

The purpose of our team is to support and promote school spirit by performing appropriate dances that represent the university with pride.

Advisor: Jen Daly

President: Jaliyah Henderson


Drum Line

Lakeland University Drumline is a dynamic, inclusive, multi-cultural student organization that creates excitement at sporting events, boosts spirit around the school, and allows musicians and non-musicians to express their interest in instrumental music.

Advisor: Evan Chancellor

President: Zach Mock


Improv Team

Lakeland University’s Improv Team is a collection of students with sharp comedic reflexes and the ability to perform under pressure.

Advisor: Charlie Krebs

President: Alex Kleiber


Indoor-Outdoor Adventure Club

Do you like to go bowling, or play laser tag? Or do you prefer outdoor experiences such as skiing, fishing, hunting, etc. This organization is for students who enjoy recreational experiences. Students involved in this group will plan and organize different indoor or outdoor activities both on and off campus.

Advisor: Mara Poullette

President: Emily Marten


Power Lifting

We are a group comprised of Lakeland students who enjoy fitness and the pursuit of lifting heavy weight. We are open to all fitness levels and love helping people reach their goals. We want this to be a fun group that welcomes everyone in with open arms.

Advisor: Eric Treske

President: Sam Barlett


Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

This purpose of SAAC is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunities for all student-athletes, protecting student-athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student-athlete image while maintaining the tenants of the NCAA Division III philosophy.

Advisor: Kurt Jansen