Beta Psi Nu

The Beta Psi Nu Christian sorority strives to promote God, family, and sisterhood in the lives of minority women. We aim to expand to other willing institutions, to make sure that all women have equal opportunity. The Beta Psi Nu Christian sorority exists to empower women, to uplift each other and the world. We encourage positive self-image, and high self-esteem.

Advisor: Karin Miofsky

President: Deja Madison


Beta Sigma Omega

Originally known on campus as the Black Student Organization, in 1986 a group of 20 men decided to become Greek to be more visible on campus. The Betas have done many community service projects including Adopt-a-Highway, Boys & Girls Club service, and volunteering at regional walks. This fraternity is organized for the advancement of education, citizenship and community development.

Advisor: Peter Barth

President: Nick Raasch


Inter Greek Council (IGC)

The Inter-Greek Council serves as the umbrella organization that recognizes and governs all social fraternities and sororities at Lakeland University. The purpose of IGC is to foster a unified community that upholds: Academic Excellence, Participatory Citizenship, Campus Involvement, Membership and Chapter Development.

Advisor: Mara Poullette

President: Libby Hanson


Mu Lambda Sigma

Founded in 1932, Mu Lambda Sigma is the oldest Greek chapter at Lakeland. They are strong in brotherhood, tradition, and pride. They are a diverse group of individuals, from all walks of life, who have come together for the good of all.

Advisor: Rick Dodgson

President: Chase Lindgren


Phi Delta Omega

Founded in 1970, Phi Delta Omega owns a proud history of "service in threefold- God, community, and school." A diverse group in attitude and opinion, the Phi Delts are involved on and off campus with various activities including Adopt-a-Highway, the Giving Tree, Teddy Bear Toss, and Sexual Assault Awareness Week. They also strive to achieve high academic standards and success for each of our members.

Advisor: Karen Wesley

President: Paige Brennum


Pi Kappa Gamma

Founded in 1968, Pi Kappa Gamma is the oldest sorority at Lakeland University. It was established to help women come forward, be recognized, and express themselves. They build strong, life-long friendships and practice trust and loyalty. The Pi Kappas provide opportunities for friends to come together and share time to learn and grow while having fun.

Advisor: Margaret Teske

President: Libby Hanson


Zeta Chi Fraternity

The Zeta Chi Fraternity has been an organization of excellence on the Lakeland University campus since 1933. They are a Greek organization focused on hard work and dedication. Through campus and community service, they are a brotherhood committed to diversity and open-mindedness. Overall, this fraternity is an organization based on fun, trust, and friendship, enveloped with a brotherhood that is ever true to Zeta Chi.

Advisor: David Lynch

President: Austin Winter