Alphabet Soup

This organization aims to promote awareness and tolerance of the LGBT Community and their allies. We also work to stop anti-LGBT bullying and help spread equality for everyone regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. This inclusive group also provides a safe space for those who have questions or seek a place to be themselves.

Advisor: Amelia Fitzsimmons

President: Jennifer Schwartz


Asian Student Union

The Asian Student Union's purpose is to educate the community of the many Asian cultures. We also provide to be a voice for the community.

Advisor: John Yang

President: Gee Vang


Black Student Union

The Black Student Union promotes the awareness of the African-American culture on campus and seeks to identify relevant issues and initiate appropriate action in order to support the needs of our African-American students to ensure their social, cultural, and academic success. It will also seek to provide enriching experiences and assure continuing development of progressive environment which is conducive to our African-American students in their quest to obtain a quality and meaningful education.

Advisor: Rick Dodgson

President: Diante Moses


Global Student Association

The purpose of the Global Student Association is to promote, celebrate and embrace cultural diversity in the Lakeland University community.

Advisor: Cristi Chang

President: Tali Coleman


Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

To connect and unite Hispanic professionals, students and the community with rich heritage, strong leadership and impactful initiatives.

Advisors: Kelsey Potter and Melanie Perez

President: Elijah Santiago-Carl